API Plan 12 Seal Filtration System

The Momentum Engineered Systems MP12 aligns with pump seal API Plan 12. 

The Duplex Filter Design used in this Momentum Engineered Systems unit allows for continuous flow during transfer to the new filter. Our filter bodies are designed per ASME section VIII, Division 1. The inlet and Outlet connections terminate at a manifold for a clean installation.

Features of our Plan 12 Seal Filtration Unit include:

  • Up to 75 GPM flush rate
  • Dual cartridge, “Hot Swap” system
  • 316SS cored filter for high pressure stability
  • Clean Delta P as low as 0.5 PSI
  • Low cost filter replacement with fixed core units
  • Low rise mount for lower vibration
  • Fewer pressure joints for lower emissions
  • Easy filter maintenance in the field
  • Davit designs available for easy head removal
  • Designed per ASME Section VIII
  • ASME U-Stamp available

Delivery for this model is 6 weeks.

Download our API Plan 12 Seal Filtration System data sheet today for a more detailed unit analysis.

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