Momentum Supplies 130 GPM, 2,400 Gallon Capacity, Plan 54 to Major US Refinery

Posted On: April 7, 2020

A major US refinery recently selected Momentum Engineered Systems, Inc to provide its new centralized plan 54 for their critical pumps.  A piping plan 54 is used to supply pressurized barrier fluid to multiple pump locations for mechanical seal support.  The barrier fluid pressure blanket is maintained above the process pressure while providing clean, cool lubricating fluid to the primary and secondary seal faces. 

Momentum custom designed the system to the customer’s specifications to include (3) screw pumps, (2) 1,200-gallon reservoirs, dual cooling and filtration systems and an automatic flow and temperature control system. 

Up to 25 pump seals can be lubricated with this system simultaneously.   Momentum will also be furnishing local seal control panels for each pump seal that will allow flow and pressure control as well as provide seal leakage monitoring at each station.  These seal panel kits provide critical feedback to the refinery operators on the health of each seal during operation.   

The system was 100% designed and manufactured at Momentum’s new headquarters in Houston, Texas.  A complete system functional test was performed prior to shipment.  Start up and commissioning will also be provided.   

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