The Momentum Engineered Systems TurboCool aligns with pump seal API Plan 21, 23 and 55.

Seals used with fluid machinery that operates with higher temperature process fluid require cooling for long-term and reliable service. This cooling may help improve the temperature margin to vapor formation. It can also help meet the temperature limitations for sealing elements like O-rings.


  • Self-venting design for easy commissioning
  • Double wrap, finned tubing for increased cooling surface area
  • High performance, CFD optimized, heat exchanger cowling
  • Aluminum blower impeller and housing for extended service life and corrosion resistance
  • Heavy duty centrifugal blower
  • Air flow matched to specific process conditions
  • Available inlet filter for reduced maintenance due to fouling
  • Standard NEMA or IEC motor frames
  • Eliminates cooling water

Delivery for the TurboCool Heat Exchanger for API Flush Plan 21, 23, and 55 is 2-4 weeks.

Download our API Flush Plan 21, 23, and 55 Heat Exchanger data sheet today for a more detailed unit analysis.

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