Buffer Fluid Reservoir – API 682 Plan 52 Seal Pot

The Momentum Engineered Systems MP52 aligns with pump seal Plan 52. It supports liquid buff­er fluid for a containment seal chamber that is at a lower pressure than the primary seal chamber.

Our seal reservoirs are built to ASME Section VIII standards and are available with ASME “U” code stamps. Momentum Engineered Systems provides standard and custom buffer fluid reservoirs that meet API 682 Standards. As an industrial seal pot manufacturer for the chemical, petrochemical, and industrial industries, our seal pot systems help protect the environment and your workers from hazardous materials.

Our buffer fluid seal reservoirs:

  • Have flanged or elliptical heads available
  • Have a finned tube cooling system
  • Have 100% more cooling surface area than is standard in the industry
  • Come with 3, 5, or 8 gallon reservoirs with 6″ or 8″ diameter
  • Are available in 304SS, 316SS, or carbon steel
  • Meet full API 610 and 682 compliance (latest edition)
  • Are designed per ASME Sect VIII
  • Have ASME U-Stamp available
  • Are built with DFAR compliant materials
  • Are built with Div. I, Section IX Weld Procedures
  • Are designed to MAWP of pump

How Does a Seal Pot Work?

According to API Seal Plan 52, a non-pressurized reservoir system is a protective buffer between the product and the surrounding atmosphere. Several seal systems are used to isolate toxic fluids/gases that, when exposed to the atmosphere, can change state. For this reason, buffer fluid is circulated between the inner and outer seal chambers with a circulating pump.

The Plan 52 Reservoir (Pot) provides buffer fluid to the secondary seal for lubrication under normal operations and serves as an overflow for process fluid in a failure scenario.   The Plan 52 Reservoir can be equipped with level, pressure and temperature instrumentation to provide real-time process feedback on mechanical seal health. 

Download our Plan 52 buffer seal reservoir data sheet today for a more detailed unit analysis.

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